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Transliteration involves converting text from one alphabet or language to another and is more popular within vernacular languages. Movie titles, album titles, music, etc., are not translated into another language. Here, language transliteration solutions prove helpful. At LinguaSol, we provide professional language solutions to serve over 100 + Indian and foreign languages, various target segments of a business, and multiple business domains worldwide. Here’s more to our solutions.

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Benefits of Professional Local Language Transliteration Solutions

It appears straightforward. However, delving into it makes one realize its complexities. Partnering with professional local language solutions helps make a difference. Here are some benefits:


Accuracy and precision are integral aspects. Working with a professional company like LinguaSol helps you ensure the accuracy of the text transliterated.

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Another essential facet is its pace. Doing it on your own or employing in-house resources already occupied with their routine responsibilities could slow down the transliteration’s pace. However, working with a professional helps you maintain pace and keep up with your business’s needs.

Comprehensive Support

LinguaSol provide comprehensive linguistic and technical support to let you optimize the benefits and optimize its ROI.

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Focus on Core Business

Professional solutions enable you to focus on your core business while taking care of the transliteration part.

Languages and Domains We Cover

We cover a range of Indian and foreign languages. They include but aren’t limited to Marathi, Hindi, English, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Kashmiri, Marwadi, Gujarati, Dogri, Awadhi, Maithili, Tulu, Bengali, Odiya, Assamese, Spanish, French, Japanese, Thai, Malay, Italian, Mandarin, etc.

We serve a range of business domains, including legal, banking, eLearning, automobile, manufacturing, media entertainment, and others.

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Our Process

At LinguaSol, we follow a straightforward and highly organized process that helps us deliver the desired levels of quality within the mutually agreed timeframe.


Review the Requirement:

Our experts thoroughly assess your project requirements, specific business and industry needs, target audience expectations, etc., to plan the project and its deliverables accordingly.


Run a PoC if Needed:

We also run a Proof of Concept (PoC) as the need be to demonstrate our skills and also a sample outcome.


Organize the Required Resources:

Once the requirement is finalized, we organize the required resources, including language experts, transliteration professionals, QC specialists, and SMEs to ensure excellence across every front of the project.

Turnaround Time

Begin Transliterating:

After arranging all the resources, our experts begin with the actual transliteration process. We plan the project based on the requirements and complete it in a phased manner. While doing all of it, we ensure complete transparency about the project’s progress and completion status.


Deliver the Project:

Our QA experts take the transliterated documents through comprehensive and extensive quality checks that inspect every aspect of the transliterated text for linguistic, contextual, and technical accuracy.

Why Choose LinguaSol for Language Transliteration Solutions?

Here’s why to choose LinguaSol:

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Phenomenal Transliteration Accuracy:

Our linguistic expertise and comprehensive understanding of the involved business domain enable us to deliver highly accurate transliterated documents.


Quicker Turnaround:

We leverage a blend of manual and automated transliteration to deliver projects within the agreed time frame and with the desired levels of quality.

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Tailored Solutions:

We understand your business is unique and so are its needs. Accordingly, we customize our solutions to meet your unique requirements.

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Team of Experts:

We employ experts, ensuring 360-degree support and delivering end-to-end projects.


Competitive and Transparent Pricing:

We value your needs and respect your budget constraints. Accordingly, we offer competitive and flexible packages. Additionally, we maintain a transparent pricing policy that helps you plan your budget for the project.

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