Multilingual Solution for Travel and Tourism

Linguify can help your organization grow multifold by going multilingual.

Multilingual Solution for Travel and Tourism

Multilingualism holds even more significance in the travel and tourism industry. This is due to the industry’s global nature and that its players deal with people from various countries. As a company operating in the tourism industry, if you are eyeing inbound tourism, you should focus on providing multilingual content and personalized user experience to resonate with potential tourists abroad. LinguaSol can contribute to you in your journey towards establishing your presence across various markets through a comprehensive multilingual solution for the travel industry. Here’s more to our capabilities and support.

Benefits of a Comprehensive Multilingual Solution for the Travel Industry

Generating business is the ultimate destination. However, the journey goes through various milestones necessary for a business to create an environment conducive to its business. Multilingual travel solutions like travel and tourism website localization, etc., help do that. Here are some benefits of multilingual travel solutions.


Personalized Experience

Providing multilingual content and enabling a lead or prospect to interact with the website or mobile app in their local language can help enhance the experience and make it more personalized.


Quicker Decision-Making

Local language content can help users explore destinations and understand a company’s offerings more effectively. Thus, it can help expedite the decision-making and buying process.


Strengthened Brand Trust

Both these factors translate to increased trust amongst users about the company and strengthen its position in the local market.


Increased Local Opportunities

All of the above aspects can culminate in increased local business prospects and opportunities, thus helping a business broaden its surface area.

Our Multilingual Tourism Solutions

Here’s what we provide under our travel and tourism multilingual solutions.

Documents Translation

We provide document translation services for the travel, tourism, and hospitality industries. Our services include translating marketing collaterals like brochures, flyers, travelogues, training material, emailers, etc., to help hospitality players communicate in the target audience’s local language.

Document Translation
website localization

Website Translation

Our comprehensive multilingual solution for the travel industry also includes website translation. We are experts in over 100 Indian and foreign languages and have extensive experience across the website translation space. Thus, our experts ensure accurate translations of every aspect relevant to the target audience. So, whether you are an existing player in the market or a new entrant, your translated website begins helping you build local trust and business opportunities.

Mobile App Translation

Globally, daily, millions of tourists book their hotels, packages, and car rentals through mobile applications. Given the pace and convenience mobile apps offer, tourism players can consider translating and localizing their mobile applications to deliver a truly personalized experience to their users. At LinguaSol, we help hospitality industry players like tourism companies, travel portals, hotels, and resorts localize their applications in the language they want, thus paving the way for an even better user experience.

Mobile App Localization
Chatbot Creation

Chatbot Creation

In today’s context, even translating your website and mobile won’t be enough. Companies may be required to walk the extra mile and integrate multilingual chatbots to respond to user concerns and further enhance the website or mobile application browsing experience for the user.

Social Media Localization

Social media plays a crucial role in helping travel and tourism businesses grow. LinguaSol supports them here as well. Our experts help hospitality players localize their social media campaigns appropriately. They ensure cultural, linguistic, contextual, and technical accuracy across every campaign, thus making it more effective and resonating for the target audience. Our services in this regard include translating campaigns, videos, and graphics to help our clients enhance their visibility across social media platforms.

Social media localization

Why Choose LinguaSol for Multilingual Travel Solutions?

Here are some reasons to choose LinguaSol for a comprehensive travel solution for the travel industry.

Comprehensive Linguistic Expertise

Comprehensive Linguistic Expertise

Our extensive linguistic expertise includes translating for 100+ Indian and foreign languages and diverse cultures worldwide.

Over a Decade of Localization Experience

Over a Decade of Localization Experience

We’ve been in the industry for over a decade and amassed experience working on several demanding and intricate projects across the hospitality industry.

Team of Translators and Domain Experts

Team of Translators and Domain Experts

We provide a dedicated project team that includes translators, quality check specialists, and subject matter experts who work closely towards the project’s success.

Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

We commit to viable timelines that allow us to focus on every aspect of the project and also serve the client’s purpose.

Multiple Quality Checks

Multiple Quality Checks

All our translated documents undergo multiple stringent quality checks to ensure accuracy on all fronts.

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