It is prudent to initiate the localization process. However, your product is more likely to meet success in the targeted market if you make the right choice while choosing the localization solution for it. Searching for localization solutions isn’t as difficult, but finalizing the best is certainly a challenge. There isn’t a dearth of localization providers in the market, however, settling onto the one that best suits your need could be quite challenging and involve contemplating about several influencing factors.

As a concept, although localization and its objectives remain consistent throughout, the preceding strategies, the set of processes, and the research involved would vary based on the industry one works in. For instance, localizing a global foreign food chain in a particular country would be different from that of localizing software. The objective remains the same, and that is to connecting with and convincing the local user, but the considerations, along with the processes would certainly differ. Let us now take a look at the considerations while choosing a product localization solution.

How to Choose a Software Product Localization Solution:

Localization, as we’ve said involves investing resources, as well as the priceless time required to first develop the localization strategy, further to execute it, and then wait for the results to come out. Hence, it is imperative that you invest some thoughts on selecting the right product localization solution before you make a decision.

The Resonance Factor

Remember, the most important and deciding factor here is your business objective. The success of the localization process could be measured based on the accomplishment of your business objectives. Hence, it is important that your localization product solution resonates with your objectives and helps you achieve it. If a static solution doesn’t work out, you would have to customize, to further implement it to align it with your own project.

The Solution’s Operational Competence

The localization process usually begins with the translation process, which makes it customary to decide on the content type in the initial stages. Further, it is necessary to decide the translation management process and localization platform that would support the content type required for your business. A localization platform that offers comprehensive file format support proves to be more useful than the ones supporting just a type or two.

The Availability of Integrations

Organizations operating in multiple and multi-lingual markets require localization platforms or solution that offer smooth integrations with popular tools such as Django, Shopify, Python, etc. Integrations with these tools help simplify and streamline the development of multilingual applications and websites. Therefore, it is necessary that your solution offers simplified and flawless integrations with various web tools.

How is Localization Completed?

Execution and completion are two of the most critical processes of localization. Hence, while evaluating multiple solutions, selecting the one that supports the current project workflow, along with any additional or exigent workflows that may crop up based on the project requirements or last minute changes.

Number of Approval Levels

While you get over with the technical aspects of the localization process, the final uploads, downloads, releases, and approval may still take time, based on the number of approvals involved in the project. Buying time could prove to be detrimental, especially given the criticality of the project and the perpetual fierce competition attempting to establish its market. Therefore, it is critical to choose a solution that simplifies things and does not unnecessarily complicate them to affect the project’s health.
The aforesaid are some important ones out of the many considerations that business owners would have to look at before choosing the best suiting localization solution for their business. LinguaSol’s experience in consulting, strategizing, designing and executing localization helps business owners get the best localization solutions, and subsequently fetch the desired results. So, write to LinguaSol at [email protected] for additional insights on its localization services and how would you achieve success with your localization ventures.

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