Challenges for Small and Medium Business Enterprises in India

SMEs in India constitute around 95% of the total industrial units in the country, and therefore considered to be a crucial element of the Indian economy. The past 15-20 years, mainly, have been conducive for SME growth. Research, innovations, government policies, etc. have all helped the SME sector blossom. However, now that SMEs have had their share of organic growth, companies, irrespective of the industry they operate in will have to transcend regional borders to grow further. A lot of SMEs are already penetrating the interior markets of India. However, most of them lack a sustainable solution, and often don’t grow beyond a certain point. Localization amidst the existing situation is a solution that helps SMEs grow well, and keep growing for a long time through a native connection with the local consumer-base. This blog explores how SMEs can grow in regional markets through a comprehensive and well-executed localization strategy.

How to make your small business or SME grow through Localization?

As an SME, you may be looking at global expansion as an exciting vision. However, since times have changed, you can pave the way to globalization only through localization.

As India continues to witness an exponential growth in terms of the number of internet users, you can’t just ignore the linguistic and local content needs of the regional audience. You have to cater to their needs through focused localization efforts that will help you grow and further sustain the growth.

How to Localize your Small Business Website?

Let us assume you are an e-learning organization planning to spread in the interiors of the country. Targeting e-learners in the interiors of the country will, at the outset, require you to localize the relevant e-learning content in the local language of the intended market.

Here, the higher the number of regions you target, the more localization efforts you’ll have to invest. So, that’s up to you to decide. However, remember, you will have to deal with localization in multiple languages, either at the same time or one by one, based on how early you intend to spread. So, that’s with the e-learning content part.

Now, there are other aspects as well with which you’ll have to deal. These aspects include localizing the website content, localizing the website menu, understanding the local culture (you will have to do this even while you localize the e-learning content), and localize the website in alignment with the local culture.

Localizing all the significant elements of your website will help your users understand your objectives, what you intend to sell to them, and also what they, as users, will get out of a subscription of your content.

Products, and services, when understood well by the targeted audience, sell quicker, and better!

Find a Localization Partner to Foster to Regional Growth in India!

Localization isn’t a day’s work, or as simple either.

It is a different area of operations altogether, demanding an exclusive workforce in the form of a localization service provider that handles every aspect of it.

LinguaSol’s expertise, and extensive and proven experience in localization is your key to localizing your website in the culturally, technically and linguistically the most appropriate way.

LinguaSol – Your Localization Partner for Pan India Reach

Website Translator 1.0 is just the product that you need to grow your business across regional borders through localization!

LinguaSol recently announced the launch of its new localization product, exclusively designed, and developed for SME to help them expand across regional borders through localization.

Website Translator 1.0 is a subscription-based SME localization solution, which helps you adopt any new language. Using Website Translator 1.0 enables you to translate your website in over 100+ Indian and foreign languages. It keeps the localized version of your website live for the paid duration.

The product combines LinguaSol’s linguistic expertise, along with cultural accuracy, and technical prowess to help localize for multiple languages, and any website for any business.

So, you don’t have to worry about the accuracy of the localized content on your website. Website Translator 1.0 is programmed to take care of every little aspect.

Website Translator 1.0 – Let Your SME Go Multilingual, Grow Multi-State

Localization through the above product, results in multiple benefits for you as a SME that wants to reach the beyond native state and explore untapped markets of the country.

  • You create an organic, native and long-running connection with your users.
  • Your company doesn’t just remain a brand, but becomes a habit for your targeted audience.
  • You increase your sales through regional engagements and user subscriptions.
  • Local users look up to your company as a trustworthy brand.
  • Quick localization solution. So, you don’t have to wait for months for the localization process.
  • Your users feel at home while interacting with your brand. Localization helps them learn well.

Technically, another important aspect of Website Translator 1.0 is that of the security of the source code. LinguaSol’s technical ingenuity helps keep the source code intact, and creates middleware between the source code, and the localized interface.

For more information, and for the best localization solutions for optimal growth in the regional markets of India, get in touch.

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