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1. Does Linguify support SEO?

Yes, Linguify provides extensive support for SEO.


2. How is SEO implemented since no translated pages are stored?

URLs with language qualified path are provided in the sitemap file. Indexing bots use this file to query the pages. When the bots use this file to request the page with language qualified URL, page with translated content is returned to the bat (via Linguify) which facilitates indexing in translated language. Such method is highly suited for website with dynamic data as well as websites which frequently keep updating the contents since the translated pages served are always fresh.


3. What are “language qualified URLs”

URL which contain some language marker is called language qualified URL. There are various ways of achieving this (“hi” for Hindi is used as an example):

1. Sub-folder approach: 
2. Sub-domain approach: 
3. Language flag approach: 


4. Do we need to always use language qualified URLs?

Yes, if you need SEO. This is necessary since translated version of URL need to be identified and indexed uniquely, and the obvious way of achieving this is to use language qualifier.


5. What are other SEO factors addressed by Linguify (LinguaSol)?

Linguify addresses SEO both at Technology level and Translation Services level in the following manner:

  1. Automatically add (and strip) language qualifier
  2. Translate URL path (keyword translation in URL path is useful for SEO)
  3. Prepare (and update) sitemap file for language qualified URLs
  4. Provides Term-base detection to facilitate focused translation of search keywords
  5. Use keyword based translation of META tags
  6. Add hreflang tag automatically with appropriate referencing to the original page
  7. LinguaSol translator’s team carries out SEO compliant and “easy to read” translations – literal or bookish translations are not easy to read and hence result into poor user stickiness
  8. Supports quick fine-tuning & changes of Terminology translations based on analytics feedback


6. Can I not keep the same URL for translated version?

Yes, you can. In this case, the language qualifier is passed through the Cookie or header. Please note that this will not allow independent indexing of translated page, and hence suitable only for web applications (where SEO is generally not required).


7. What is “Language Selector”?

This is the option generally provided on the Home page through which each individual user selects the language. Behind this language selector, small code is added for redirecting the requests for translated pages to Linguify server.


8. Can language selection be provided on each page?

Yes, however you may note that the page will be refreshed & request resubmitted.

In case such option is required for web application where page resubmission is not permitted, Linguify can use Scripting (by automatically injecting the script in the required pages). Linguify Scripting also ensures that the translations are shown quickly. Obviously, the page may not get indexed for translated language.


9. Can Scripting support SEO?

No. As explained earlier in FAQ, indexing is carried out by the bots even before Script replaces the original text with translated text and hence indexing does not happen for translated text. Moreover, the URL remains same, and hence the translated page cannot be uniquely identified. Due to these two factors, it is clear that Scripting does not support SEO.


10. Can the language selection be provided by the web application through User Profile?

Yes, the language flag can be set in Cookie or Header. Linguify can read this and automatically switch the language.


11. Are there any other ways to set the language?

Yes, Linguify can switch language based on Locale (language selected for the OS), but this is generally considered unreliable since few users change & select the OS or browser language. Linguify can also switch language based on region using IP based geo-location (3rd party service is required for this).

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