Having a mobile application is great. It expedites business and delivers better service to your prospects and clients. English is the de facto language of almost every mobile app. But what if your mobile application is unilingual, and you receive a promising prospect who isn’t as comfortable with English? Or what if that user prefers dealing with localized platforms? You are likely to lose that prospect only because your mobile application wasn’t localized!

In situations like these, scaling your business through the mobile app could become challenging. Localizing your mobile app proves an excellent idea, as it can contribute significantly to your scaling endeavors in various ways. Let’s look at a few ways through which mobile app localization can help you scale your business seamlessly.

What is Mobile App Localization?

Mobile application localization involves adapting the application to various languages, cultures and markets. We spoke about the language barrier in the beginning. However, localization isn’t merely about translation. It is a much broader process with translation an integral part of it. So, while localizing your mobile application, you shouldn’t confine yourself to translating the application. Instead, you should work on aligning the overall look and feel of the application to give it a local flavor and match local preferences.

4 Ways Mobile Application Localization Can Help Scale Your Business

From broadened outreach to increased downloads and beyond, these four ways prove how mobile application localization can help you scale your business.

1. Widened Local Outreach

Attempting to achieve success in a local market with a seemingly alien app is impractical. Today, users look for specific and personalized experiences. The need for such experiences reflects in their search criteria as well. Localizing your mobile application in the language of a particular region can help increase your searchability and widen your local outreach. It means your app will reach more people within the local market. And that, precisely, is the first step towards scaling your business!

2. Increased Local Trust

Meticulously localized applications, keeping in mind the local preferences, tastes and needs of the local audience, make users feel more comfortable. Such applications are empathetic enough to win the local user’s trust. Increased trust can translate to a positive word of mouth and increased referrals. It can help the application multiply its number of users. Referrals are the most effective way of scaling business. But for that, the application should win the trust. And that’s more likely to happen when your application is localized to the core, and each element has more than merely a local touch.

3. Increased Downloads

In line with the above point, localizing your application can help increase the number of downloads. According to industry reports, mobile app localization can help increase the number of downloads by as much as 125-130 percent per country and about 25-30 percent increase in revenue. Hence, if you aren’t localizing your mobile application, you might be missing on significant amounts of prospects and revenue.

4. Transcending Physical Frontiers

While every business intends to go global, the road to globalization goes through localization. These days, when users have so many options available, they might not give deleting your unlocalized application a second thought. And once a user is lost, you might have lost them forever! These factors can hamper your endeavors to globalize and reduce you to a particular market. But mobile app localization can make a massive difference. Localization can blur physical boundaries and help you venture on a broader surface area with users looking to engage with applications delivering a personalized experience.

We trust you’ve already started thinking of localizing your mobile application. However, the pretty complex project will require you to partner with a mobile application localization development company who will take care of every intricacy of the project.

LinguaSol can serve as one. With over a decade of experience in mobile application localization services, we help you localize every essential aspect of your mobile application. Our effortless mobile app localization development leads to a thoroughly localized mobile app resonating and engaging enough to help you scale your business through increased downloads, broadened outreach and enhanced trust.

From manufacturing to banking, we’ve served with mobile app localization services for numerous business domains and delivered tangible results. Please write to us at [email protected] to learn more about our mobile app localization solutions.

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