Why is Linguify an enterprise-level translation tool, and different and more capable than other translation tools on the market?

Linguify is a competitive translation solution that transcends translations, extending its utility to other aspects, including content extraction or capturing, actual translations, and change management. It is a set of a range of internal tools and technologies that execute end-to-end translations and simplify your multilingual journey.

What is Linguify’s Translation Process?

Linguify’s translation process comprises two essential phases – run-time translations and database creation. The run-time translation process involves the following steps before the user receives the translated content.

  • User requests for a translation of a particular page
  • The request reaches the firewall, and then the webserver
  • The web server sends the request to Linguify’s server
  • Linguify’s server requests the page to the app server
  • The app server sends the English to Linguify’s server
  • Linguify translates the page in the language requested
  • It sends the translated page to the webserver
  • The user receives the translated page

Linguify’s database creation involves three aspects – capturing, translation, and change management.

  • Capturing involves picking text through tools like Crawly and Graby or importing the user’s database
  • Translation engages LinguaMate (inhouse tool) that ensures contextually relevant, linguistically accurate, and technically correct translations
  • Change management includes a continuous process involving capturing and translation processes and continuing to track changes. It lets the system extract, translate, and populate the dictionary

Why Choose Linguify?

Here are 12 reasons you must choose Linguify for your multilingual journey.

  • Excellent technical and linguistic support
  • Quick turnaround time for translation requests
  • Works with multiple CMSs and various complex web architectures
  • A blend of automated and manual translations based on the client’s needs
  • SEO-compliant translations to pave the way for multilingual SEO benefits
  • Team of certified manual translators with multilingual and industrial expertise
  • Prompt execution of changes to ensure the best change management support
  • Comprehensive content extraction, translation, and change management process
  • Efficient internal tools like Crawly and Graby for content extraction
  • Competent translation framework called LinguaMate to ensure accurate and high-quality translations
  • Contextually relevant, linguistically accurate, and technically correct translations for 100 + languages
  • Assistance for preparing translation estimates to help you make an informed decision

Ref. No- LSB09201020



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