As a global brand, your business or your website, if it appears alien or irrelevant to your intended audience in its own market, you’ve got to rethink. And, not just rethink, but revamp and re-execute everything in the context of the intended market to make your audience feel at home while interacting or transacting with your organization. This is where the reference for localization steps in. As we’ve always said, localization isn’t about complete or partial translations, but about being correct, relevant, ethical, and appropriate in the market context. So here’s why you product localization is the key to conquer the international market.

The Ingredients and Values of Localization

We’ll get to point only after comprehending what it requires to localize your product, and in order to taste success in the intended market. Translation helps, but localization connects! That’s how different localization is from translation. It is like a whole set that has got translations as a part of it and not as a synonym in entirety. Localization involves understanding the targeted users, their habits, their culture (very important!), and also the impact of customizing your global campaign to make it more locally relevant.
So for instance, for a western finance and banking institution operating in the developed countries accustomed towards the use of credit cards, while operating in India, would have to offer alternatives other than credit card. This is because not everyone in India carries a credit card. However, if that isn’t the case, the organization may connect with the credit card holders, but not with the ones who don’t. As a result, it could lose a large consumer base, perhaps, that could be tapped by a competitor who’s waiting to step in!
Here, the ingredients are investing time and resources, conducting local research, strong analytical observations, and also market-specific execution that help penetrate the market in a quicker and more familiar manner. The values of localization, on the other hand, would be establishing strong associations with the local users, and winning their hearts with what they want, and not with what you compel them to buy!

Reasons why Product Localization is key in the International Market

You want to sell your product, don’t you? If your consumers don’t connect with your product, they would not buy it, and if your product remains in the showcase, the whole purpose of penetrating into the market is defeated. Fundamentally, the objective is quite clear, however, the process isn’t! Localization resembles solving a mathematical equation with a simple and known answer, but with an intricate process that derives it. Product localization is a key to every global player, regardless of the business, as it helps increase the consumer base and influence their buying habits to a large extent. So, when you influence the habits of your consumers, you influence them as well.
Besides, the more localized your product is, the more household the name of your company turns. It gives your consumers the feeling of dealing with a native brand that cares for their interests, their demands, and their likes and dislikes.

Software Localization

Let us also talk about software localization, and why is it key to localize software towards increasing its relevance and utility. As a complex set of intertwined processes, and several diverse applications simplifying a particular business task, software too requires localization. The most common example in this regard is the varying length of the same meaning words used in different languages. The word welcome in English is written as Willkommen in German. Owing to its length, the latter requires more space, and hence the software must be localized to accommodate this difference, along with many other variations that the local language or the local market may demand.
We dwell in an age that requires business owners to deliver customized products, without compelling the consumers to settle on the static ones, and live with the challenges that follow those static products. Localization, in a way, refers to acquainting new markets with your products in the way they want and they would create a purchase appeal within them. It helps strengthen your position on the global front of your business. To leverage the benefits of localization, get in touch with [email protected].

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