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LinguaSol is a LanguageTech company and continuously innovates cutting edge technology products for the translation industry. From globalizing websites to localizing applications or translating documents in an effortless, quick and cost-effective way, LinguaSol provides localization and translation solutions for all business needs. With an installed base of more than 150 customers and more than one million satisfied users, LinguaSol is located in Pune.


1. How fast is Linguify?

Linguify is really fast – it can translate dynamic content heavy webpage (100KB) under 200ms. Even very large pages (about 500-700KB – generally Search Engine Result Pages tend to be very large) are translated under 1 second.

Typical webpages (average 50KB) are generally translated under 100ms.

Linguify can deliver such performance for websites having Translation Repositories having 3‑5 Million strings.

Fast translation is not only important for good user experience, but also for search indexing since any slow response would eventually result in lower page ranking.


2. Can Linguify handle large loads?

Linguify has been handling translation load exceeding 3 million pages per day (2 x 8 CPU servers). Such loads are common during Google Indexing Bot execution. Since SEO is the most important requirement, such load handling capacity is necessary. Linguify has evolved over a period to quickly translate the page while working at such high loads.


3. How scalable is Linguify?

Scaling up Linguify is very easy – just add CPUs or servers along with load balance. Linguify also works well with auto-scale servers.


4. Can Linguify be deployed in High availability mode?

Yes, using a load balancer allows Linguify to be configured for high availability. Linguify framework includes online Health-check service which ensures quick automated recovery in case of fatal situations thereby helping achieve almost zero downtime.

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