Let’s look at some benefits of a multilingual website for tourism. Are you a tourism player – a travel agency, tour operator, or any tourism service provider, looking to drive inbound tourism from various parts of the world? Then, if you haven’t already, you should complement your marketing efforts by making your website, mobile application, and portal multilingual. Why? Tourism, as a business and activity, is global. Hence, overcoming language barriers can help you augment your business opportunities. But the road to increased business goes via multiple points that serve as benefits. 

6 Benefits of Multilingual Website For Tourism

From a broadened outreach to increased business opportunities, here’s how a tourism multilingual website can help benefit a tourism organization.

1. Widened Outreach

These days, the more you reach people, the better your chances of growth. Accordingly, one of the most significant objectives of having a multilingual website for tourism is broadening the brand’s outreach. Local language helps boost local SEO and can help the business grow through local word-of-mouth. The result is the increased market scope and outreach that makes the brand known to millions. A multilingual website allows you to reach a broader audience of potential tourists who may prefer to browse and engage with content in their native language.

2. Broadened Market Access

Who says you need an office these days to do business in a particular country? Of course, some businesses like banks, etc., cannot do without it. However, a tourism business can generate business opportunities with a multilingual website without necessarily having a physical presence in the market.

Not every portal you see today would have an office in your city. Still, they do a lot of business in your city! It is possible through a multilingual website for tourism.

A tourism multilingual website can help tourism players tap into new markets and attract visitors from countries or regions where the company doesn’t have a brick-and-mortar presence. It can unlock opportunities for exponential expansion and growth.

3. Improved User Experience

These days, a lot in business depends on the experience an organization provides. Today, experiences begin from a company’s website. If the website is impressive enough, the visitors may feel like expressing interest and entering further conversations. But if not, they may be counted as an opportunity lost forever! A crucial aspect of user experience is language. Multilingual content helps improve the user experience for international visitors. It allows them to navigate a website easily, understand the offerings, and make informed buying or booking decisions. All these aspects contribute to user experience.

4. Increased Brand Trust

Brand trust is something companies build over a while. It is the result of a consistent user experience delivered through incredible content, accurate translation and localization, seamless navigation, and many other related factors. Having a multilingual website for tourism enables simpler and more effective communication from prospects belonging to various linguistic and cultural backgrounds. Language bridges communication gaps and eases communication. The consequence is users feel cared for and valued and therefore increased trust in the brand.

5. Enhanced Competitive Edge

Unilingual content can help serve a single market or at most markets that understand a language comfortably. However, a multilingual website can provide you an edge over your competitors who aren’t multilingual. Of course, multilingual content demands a significant investment. But when people start trusting you, interacting positively, and considering buying from you, you will have earned a competitive edge.

6. Increased Conversions

Generally speaking, per studies nearly 65 percent of buyers value localized content and a little over 55 percent consider localized content more than the product’s price. Accordingly, with tourism website localization, tourism companies can draw more tourists to their websites and increase the potential for conversion.

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