eCommerce is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. With the ability to provide enormous discounts and the convenience of home-based shopping, eCommerce has helped change the face of shopping forever!

However, one must note that eCommerce is a local market-driven business. Hence, eCommerce store owners cannot, rather, shouldn’t work with a unilingual approach. Especially when 74-76 percent of consumers prefer to read product information in their language, going multilingual should be considered a strategy and not merely a technical move. But fundamentally, how does a multilingual solution for eCommerce drive growth for an eCommerce store? Let’s see.

Providing Access to Global Markets

An eCommerce store providing product information in multiple languages gains seamless access to different global markets. For instance, when a Japanese eCommerce store intends to target the Malay market, it has to translate its offerings, content, and marketing communication to the Malay language to be able to resonate with the local audience. Speaking the local language can help the brand access the market more easily and establish trust.

Improving the Customer Experience

Language isn’t merely the most effective medium of communication but also a powerful means to connect with people. Business communication in the eCommerce context isn’t an exception.

An English eCommerce brand providing native language content, say Hindi or Marathi, if it is India, personalizes the experience for its clients. In this case, the consumers won’t mind dealing with a foreign brand, as for them, the brand is native as it is speaking their language. Precisely, that can lead to better customer experiences, positive referrals, and repeat purchases.

Enhancing Local SEO

An eCommerce multilingual solution can help you improve your search engine ranking across various regions. For example, it can use local keywords and phrases for washing machines in a particular region and help increase the brand’s visibility across local searches. Search engines endeavor to provide more specific and useful search results to their users. Given the situation, a localized version of a washing machine-related keyword can help create a local SEO advantage for the eCommerce store.

Personalized Content and Experiences

Personalization is one of the keys to success these days. Language, which is an integral part of a particular culture, plays a significant role in it. Connecting through one’s language and with their culture often leads to a highly personalized experience. When done accurately, it can evoke a positive sentiment that can take the user experience to the next level. Remember, the more personalized your experience, the more it will resonate with the customer!

Increasing Conversion Rates

An eCommerce translation solution can help you connect with your prospects in their language and engage with them more fruitfully. By the latter, we mean consumers are more likely to buy when they have information in their native language. For example, presenting information about a headset in English in a non-English speaking region like Thailand may not prove as engaging. However, if the same information is provided in Thai, consumers will understand it more clearly. Overall, it can expedite the decision-making and buying process.

Creating a Competitive Advantage

Although many eCommerce players, especially the big ones have understood the significance of going multilingual, the smaller ones are yet to realize it.

The choice of league is yours!

By using an eCommerce language solution, you can broaden your market base, establish trust among local consumers, engage more meaningfully with them, and eventually, build a competitive edge for your business.

Of course, the eCommerce localization solution you use should be a carefully selected one with numerous capabilities that help you linguistically redefine the eCommerce experience.

So, is there a multilingual solution for eCommerce that can serve the purpose?

Yes! Deliver Fresh and Engaging Multilingual Experiences with Linguify!

Linguify from LinguaSol is an outstanding multilingual solution that also serves the eCommerce sector. It is a well-researched and thoughtfully designed multilingual platform that helps players from different industries translate websites and webpages seamlessly. Some features of
Linguify include the following.

  • No Code or database changes required
  • SEO Compliant web-app translation
  • Consistent functioning with any CMS and web platform
  • Efficient Content change management
  • 200+ languages support
  • Translation flexibility
  • Complete life-cycle outsourcing

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