Website localization has a widespread impact on your business in the long run. Since it fundamentally involves interacting with the users in their language through localized web content that is technically, linguistically, and culturally appropriate to the native user, it connects better and creates regional business opportunities.

Yes, we know, English is the world’s business language. But then, let us take you through some vital localization statistics that will help you explore the potential and significance of localization across the digital landscape.

Did you know, almost half (49%) of the global internet users are in Asia? Again, were you aware of the fact that 9 out of the top 10 markets by Google Play downloads are non-native English markets? Wait. There’s more to numbers. Over 50% of queries posted on Google are in languages other than English! And now the most interesting one. About 72% of internet users prefer interacting with websites translated into their language!

This one is for eCommerce companies. Approximately 90% of online shoppers choose their native language when it is available on the website, and about 78% of online shoppers tend to purchase from localized online stores!

(Source – 15 Stats & Facts on Why Localization Is About Global Survival)

Figures Indicate that Localization is a Must Have Strategy for Global Brands Entering India

As a company looking forward to setting foot on Indian soil, you must also look at some Indian localization stats. India is undoubtedly the fastest-growing market, and the country’s growth on the digital front isn’t an exception.

According to a report, India’s regional language internet user base is going to increase to a whopping 536 million by 2021. Out of these, approximately half of the population is Hindi-speaking, and languages such as Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati, Malayalam, etc. constitute the remaining half. Again, if you look at the larger picture, 9 out of 10 internet users are regional language. That’s how strong the gravity of localization is!

That was quite a number cyclone, wasn’t it? But when it comes to believing in something and identifying its true potential, nothing is as effective as numbers. So, now that we’ve had a look at numbers, let us see how and why website localization is one of the best lead generation techniques for global brands in India.

Why Localize Website for Indian Consumers?

With over 22 scheduled languages and several (thousands) of dialects and regional languages, localization in India is more of a strategy than a business function. It signifies an experience for the native language users looking forward to connecting with their language on the internet and interacting with their favorite brands. Let us look at five reasons that make localization an imperative strategy across the Indian business space.

1. India is a Rising Economy

India is one of the fastest emerging economies globally, and hence the world is looking at India as a marketplace with enormous potential for every industry. Therefore, along with the many global players that already exist, you will have many of them looking forward to expanding across the Indian business horizon.

In situations like these, you need something that enables you to stand out from the crowd. One of those many unique factors is speaking the local language. The fact that the digital medium is growing, and alongside, the number of local languages internet users and native language content as well is prospering, localization can prove a critical advantage in helping you strengthen your local presence and tap regional business opportunities.

2. Languages Connect Better

Language is one of the most effective ways to connect with an individual. For instance, you connect with a person that speaks your language better than someone who doesn’t. You spend more time with the person, and look forward to interacting with him, especially when there’s no one else around that speaks your language.

The internet and its content aren’t any different. Even if you are an English language internet user, if a website offers content in your language, you spare some time reading it, which is how you engage with the website. So, considering the fact that 9 out of 10 internet users in India are regional language ones when it comes to localization, you got numbers as well as the psychological element to encourage you to localize your website.

3. The Indian Rural Consumer Base!

Of course, we cannot underestimate or forget the Indian rural consumer base while talking about website localization in Indian languages. Localizing your website in regional Indic languages opens access to the extensive Indian rural internet base and helps you create and leverage rural business opportunities.

According to a report published on, according to a study named Digital in India done by the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and Nielsen, a research firm, in November 2019, there are about 227 million active rural internet users in the country. The number is considerably more than the urban users, which amounts to around 205 million! Surprising isn’t it! But that’s true.

And guess what, the number of rural internet users is only increasing by the year. The ongoing pandemic has caused the number of rural internet users to increase by over 30 million. With technologies, applications, and their convenience developing every year, it won’t be wrong to say that rural India will have an even higher number of internet users and therefore increased potential in the years to come.

4. Only 10% of People in India Speak English

When compared to India’s population, 10% amounts to around 125 million people. However, again, when you compare the number with the regional language-speaking population, it is way too low! So, website localization in Indian languages opens the doors to a super-massive potential of regional internet users and language speakers. As a matter of fact, a lot of those 120 million, although English-speakers, prefer reading native language web content if it is available. So, localization can help you connect with such mixed users as well.

5. Local Languages Build Trust!

A lot of people in India are unilingual. It means they only speak their native language. For instance, not every farmer from the interiors or the rural parts of Maharashtra may speak or understand Hindi, let alone English.

Nevertheless, such people are active users of the internet. For instance, when a farmer from Maharashtra, who never had the exposure or the opportunity to learn another language, would feel great when he finds content in the language he understands. Most importantly, he would connect better with the localized website and the brand that offers him content that he understands and helps him make an informed decision.

When it comes to localization, that’s how you build trust. You stay user-oriented, create better engagement with your target audience, and pave the way to business expansion.

Translate Website – Lead Generation Technique for India

As a global brand looking forward to expanding your presence in India, a website localized comprehensively through a competent website translation and localization solution, comprising SEO-friendly content with the relevant keywords and the best SEO techniques, helps you enhance your local language search engine rankings.

Improved local language search engine rankings help drive traffic to your website. But, accurately localized content with technical, linguistic, and cultural accuracy increases your website’s conversion rate. It encourages people to stay on your website for a longer time and explore your content. Such users may be termed interested leads, as they are likely to engage with your brand by making an inquiry, placing an order, or purchasing online.

Linguify – Your Website Localization Partner for Indian Languages

Linguify is one of the best website translation and localization solutions. It translates websites for over 100 Indian and foreign languages. LinguaSol, the developer of Linguify, is a leading language localization and translation technology company. Linguify is a result of the company’s extensive research.

Linguify offers accurate localization, provides a comprehensive change management system, works with complex architectures, facilitates SEO-friendly translations, allows to choose the scope of translation, and offers a range of other features and functionalities to give companies a linguistic edge over their competitors.

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