The world’s largest Fintech gathering, Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) was held at Singapore Expo between 11th – 15th November 2019.

LinguaSol CEO, Mr. Sunil Kulkarni and Customer Engagement Manager, Mr. Umesh Javalkar, were present at this conference in order to meet and network with potential clients, partners, end-users, and industry representatives. As LinguaSol is providing Language Solutions to FinTech enterprises such as Banks, Insurance companies, Financial Institutions etc. by helping them to reach wider customer base by connecting in their language.

LinguaSol got an opportunity to interact with Fintech companies have their insights about technologies and recent trends in Fintech world. We got very encouraging response as many Fintech companies found the idea useful. They want to connect with customers in their language. It was a good opportunity to present our ideas in front of Fintech leaders and received lot of insights from them.

FinTechs companies from India, Switzerland, Turkey, China and many other countries came together under one roof of SFF. Over Sixty-five thousand visitors, 400 speakers, more than 900 exhibitors, 41 international pavilions from 130 countries were discussing the future of FinTechs.

It had various discussion sessions on FinTech and Risk Tech in China, Emerging FinTech giants from Latin America, FinTech opportunities in personal finance, Inclusive FinTechs, etc.

Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF), had main focus on crypto-currency and blockchain. It also put a major focus on sustainability and green finance and how is the financial inclusion in the age of evolving Global FinTech Regulations.

Mumbai FinTech Hub presence at SFF, showcased the FinTechs from its wagon at the SFF. Also, they were showcasing an upcoming India FinTech Festival scheduled in India.

Praveen Khandelwal, Secretary General, Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT), presented Great Merchant Digitalisation Story India, and Rajnish Kumar, Chairman of SBI, was a panelist at the session on financial inclusion.

After the successful launched of RuPay International card and SBI remittance app by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. This year BHIM-UPI based QR payments was launched at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2019. This is one more achievement for FinTech co-operation between India and Singapore.

Indian FinTech companies like IBS FinTech, Infrasoft, Lendingkart, Kuliza, and federations like FICCI were participated in SFF.

In one of the Future of Central Bank session, her Majesty, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands in her Keynote Address spoke about financial inclusion and digital economy and regulations.

Expressing views about Future of Central Banks, Agustin Carstens, General Manager, Bank of International Settlements said, “The mandate is for the central banks to consider how they can incorporate technology to increase the efficiency and at the same time balance risk and safety.”

In a session about emergence of Neo banking, Andy Rigg, Chief Operating Officer of Xinja, said that, the most significant learning of setting up a Neo Bank is that the raising capital is the biggest challenge. An Indian origin company EPIKInDiFi is giving technical support to Xinja.

Banks and FinTechs from all over the world, were presenting their ecosystem at the SFF. Also, many speakers pointed out that the biggest challenge for the FinTechs is sustainability.

It was concluded that FinTech is all about transforming lives and saving time. We as LinguaSol is committed to assist FinTech from the same.

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