LinguaSol listed on Slator: Look Forward to New Opportunities and Associations

LinguaSol, one of the leading LangTech product firm in India, recently featured on, a prominent digital platform that provides news and updates about companies from the website translation sector. The company is delighted to have a spot on and looks forward to tapping new opportunities through it.

LinguaSol advantage for Slator community

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LinguaSol now features on the directory of the prestigious The company looks at this as a strategic move that will increase its visibility across the global business horizon and open the doors to new global and local business opportunities. One of the higher authorities of the company said, “We are delighted to be featured on Slator’s prominence across the language translation sector and LinguaSol’s name in its directory, together, will prove beneficial for us, and at the same time, for every company searching for a trustworthy Website Translation Solution.”

The Significance of the Website Translation Technology

The era of globalization opens doors to several lucrative and promising business opportunities. However, only companies that leverage the right strategies within the local target market stand a higher chance of succeeding.

Website in Local Vernacular Language is most effective strategy. The penetration of the internet in the interiors of various non-English speaking countries in the early years of the last decade gave an impetus to the growth of local languages across the internet. As a result, a lot of people prefer to read content in their local language and look forward to a personalized content experience that enables better understanding and informed decision-making.

Of course, that translates into a range of new business opportunities for the professional multilingual website design sector. Accordingly, Web Design companies need trusted and proven translation solution to deliver accurate translations for various language pairs for an extensive range of online Portals, Cloud Based applications, Websites, mobile applications, training documents, user manuals, catalogs, instructions, product information, etc.

Thus, the sector plays a vital role in helping various business domains connect with the local target market audience, develop a sense of trust within it, and therefore pave the way to sustainable business opportunities.

About Slator

Slator is a leading digital platform that publishes news and updates on-demand drivers, talent moves, funding, technology, and more, concerning the language translation and language technology sector. Additionally, it publishes editorial content, research-related content, provides consulting services, and much more.

The company is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and is present in various other places, including Singapore, London, Manila, and Bangkok. Some of Slator’s platforms include, the SlatorCon conference series, and bespoke events created to facilitate high-impact discussions with the industry’s key decision-makers. To know more about Slator, click here. (External link to (as deemed necessary))

About LinguaSol

LinguaSol is a Language Technology company and continuously innovates cutting edge technology products for the translation industry. From globalizing websites to localizing applications or Portals in an effortless, quick and cost-effective way, LinguaSol provides localization and translation solutions for all business needs.

With over a decade of continued successful operations, LinguaSol has become a bankable name across the multilingual solution. To know more about LinguaSol’s multilingual solution, visit our home page.

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