LinguaMate is a Translation Management Software specially designed to carry out translations of Website contents. It has wide range of features to support full life-cycle of website translations.

Translation of all required type of contents

  • LinguaMate is specifically designed to handle the translation of Webpage contents. Rich text visual editing feature eliminates need to translate raw HTML strings and deals with attributes &href tags internally.
  • In addition to this, LinguaMate can translate other document formats like Microsoft Word Documents, Excel, CSV and PDF (with some limitations e.g. image only PDFs and PDFs having multi-column or tabular formats are not supported).

Consistency of translations

  • LinguaMate has several functionalities which help ensure that every member of translation team produces similar translations across the website contents& document.
  • LinguaMate includes flexible Named Entity Recognition for numeric data, date formats, alphanumeric formats and Proper Nouns (person name, place name).
  • Segment Deduplication with Named Entity neutralization ensures that no segment is translated twice thereby helping maintain consistency and improve productivity.
  • LinguaMate provide powerful feature of heuristics based TermBase extraction which uses various algorithms like Phrase occurrence frequency, capitalization, keyword seeding etc. This is one of the key features to ensure translation consistency of keywords and important part of text, which also helps keyword search and indexing for SEO.
  • In addition to detection of Named Entities and TermBase, LinguaMate Translation Editor also enforces use of designated translation by carrying out of-the-fly checking of translated text during manual translation.
  • Another key feature included in LinguaMate is global Translation Memory lookup and search. This functionality presents the translator closest matching strings from earlier approved translations based on several algorithms like Levenshtein distance, weighted word match, longest phrase match and mismatch etc. This ensures that while translating, the translator gets to see similar strings with approved translations, which helps him/her to adhere to approved translation style and use of domain specific translations. This also helps reduce QA load and eventually improves translation throughput.
  • Innovative hydride design of LinguaMate ensures that key linguistic assets like Spell check dictionary are shared across different content types (webpages & documents) during translation. This ensures consistency of spellings across the contents. This is specially important for regional languages since there a lot of words borrowed from English, and hence no standard spelling is available in regional languages. Most Indian regional language do not have a standard dictionary or inflection rules. Moreover, many regional languages have composite inflected words, which makes having a dictionary difficult. Hence, collaborative spell dictionary is key to consistency.

Translation quality and Productivity

  • LinguaMate provides advanced In-line Error detection and prompting most commonly occurring errors like Spell-error, TermBase translation mismatch, Named Entity mismatch, spacing error, length check, untranslated text, blank translations, too small translations, etc. This helps translator notice and fix the errors quickly.
  • LinguaMate has another advanced feature of Live maker-checker QA, wherein the QA gets to see the translation carried out by the translator almost immediately. This helps in catching the errors early.
  • LinguaMate provides Rich text Visual editing of strings containing attribute &href tags embedded withing the string. Since translator can carry out editing in rich text mode, he/she does not have to bother about editing text with embedded tags or href links. This eliminates tag mismatch errors and improves translation speed.
  • Live rendering while editing ensures that the translator is able to quickly see the results of letter level editing. This is very important while correcting words having complex conjuncts or correcting matra errors as the translator does not have to wait till pressing space-bar to see the rendering (unlike most other translation tools).
  • LinguaMate includes complete Audit trail of translation editing, which also allows translator or QA person to roll-back the edits. Keeping audit trail also helps identify error origin which can then be addressed through further training or specific instructions.
  • LinguaMate provides Spell check (as you type) helps notice the errors quickly and get suggestions to fix the error.
  • Collaborative implementation of spell-check with Add/Remove/Override facility ensures that proper spellings become available to all translators thereby not only facilitating consistency but also improves speed.
  • In order to help translators better understand the English terminology, Thesaurus functionality is supported. Similarly, Word Translation Dictionary for target language(s) is provided for quick reference to all possible translations.
  • LinguaMate provides (patented) Page Context display, which shows the specific webpage or document with the current string highlighted. This is very useful in understanding the context of the page during transition, and thereby improves quality.
  • LinguaMate has another unique feature of on-the-fly checking graphical length of the translated string against the graphical length of source string. This, in addition to Page Context display, ensure proper fitment of translated text within available space and help format integrity.
  • LinguaMate provides several Collaboration features like shared comments andon-line chat with fellow translators or QA person. This helps address issues of quick closure of queries and significantly reduces “could-not-understand” type of errors.
  • LinguaMate can ensure that translations are created manually by human translator and not through copy-paste from Cloud Machine Translation. This is done through limiting copy-paste to within LinguaMate and now allowing copy-paste from external sources.
  • In addition to in-line QA for translator and pipe-lined QA, LinguaMate also provides Advanced QA tool (similar to XBench) for quick detection of errors based on categories or severity, and supported in-place corrections with built-in editor. This additional QA layer helps ensure highest quality of translations.
  • LinguaMate supports Built-in Customizable keyboard layout for Indian languages like Akruti, DoE, Modular layout etc. This is very important since translators are trained on specific layouts, and cannot carry out translation unless keyboard layout of their choice is available.
  • Hotkeys (with ready-reckoner) are provided for all functionalities so that the translator does not waste time moving between keyboard and mouse. This helps improve the throughput significantly.
  • Content Segmentation is another powerful feature supported by LinguaMate. This is invaluable in helping fast Turn-around for documents or contents where deadline‑based translation is required. Several options of segmentation rules are supported e.g. paragraph, word count, page break etc.
  • LinguaMate supports Integrated Google translate (without key) and Google search (depending upon internet access and security guidelines).
  • LinguaMate can provide Instrumentation during Translation editing for further training & performance improvement.

Process Management

  • LinguaMate provide detailed Document Manager for complete control over translation process. This includes the following:
  • Task allocation to specific translators: manual or automated assignment based on volume, quality, criticality
  • Monitoring of translation completion status for each task & showing expected TAT
  • Flexible multi-step workflow for multi-stage pre-processing, review and post‑processing including release approval management
  • Detailed Audit trail
  • Delay reporting & escalation, alerts (mobile app) – optional
  • Quality & throughput history for each translator to help selection of translators for specific task e.g. high quality/priority, fast turn-around etc.
  • Language readiness for a given story (content group) based on completion status for all required language translations
  • Dashboard for overall control

Import Story Creation

TermBase ProerpNoun Confirm Translate

Segement Marking

Checkout and Open

TermBase Match

Error Trailing Space


TermBase Apply & Spell Check

Dictionary Help

Google Translation

Length check

Mark As TermBase

Segment Status Filter

Named Entity VAR Missing

Dashboard Status Progress

Login as QA

Pipelined QA

Page Context

Google Search

Audit Log Restore Previous Entry

Info Settings

Theme Change

Independent QA

Google Batch Translate

Translation Memory and TM Search

Doc File Import

Doc Export

Split Doc Files

PDF Import

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