LinguaConnect interfaces with popular CMSs using APIs for fully managed translation life-cycle. Following functionality is available:

  • Get contents & assets:
    • Webpage content text, documents, images, media, menus etc.
  • Change Detection:
    • Find Changes in source contents as compared to last snap-shot
    • Determine “real” delta by finding current translation status of published contents (on translated versions) as compared to source language contents
    • Help manage bleed-through & in-process contents
  • Translated content update & publish to CMS
  • Automation using scheduled operations for the following tasks:
    • Get contents from CMS for change detection
    • Push contents into TMS for translation
    • Check for translation availability in TMS
    • Get ready translation
    • Publish to CMS as per Organization norms (e.g. late night)
  • High Volume high availability Multi-server deployment with load-balancer


In addition, LinguaConnect also supports the following helper functions:

  • Spot editing for residual errors or specific corrections
  • Universal Search & Replace for quick correction of TB, Spellings or specific translation
  • Translation status dashboard for each content type (language, page and segment level)



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