The fundamental purpose of writing SEO-compliant web content, and incorporating keywords is to enhance the rankings on the most widely used search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The idea is to create a broader outreach within the speakers of a particular local language by leveraging SEO as a tool. A piece of content that does not rank brings no commercial value to the digital efforts of the company. Hence, being SEO compliant is critical to improving engine rankings, generate higher website traffic, and therefore increase the number of leads.

SEO and Multilingual Website

Local languages aren’t an exception to the SEO aspect. One of the most significant objectives of going multilingual and translating English content to local languages is getting the local SEO advantage. Some of the factors critical to the SEO compliant website translation include the use of locally popular and searched words, locally used keywords, native terms and terminologies for a particular word, and technical SEO aspects such as translating metatags, URLs, etc.

A solution that does not comply with the local SEO rules and regulations cannot deliver sustainable SEO benefits. As a result, it does not justify the investments the company makes in going multilingual. So, while choosing a multilingual solution provider, SEO must constitute an essential part of your discussion and part of the solution’s multilingual capabilities.

SEO Compliant Translation of a Website

  • Unique page URL with the auto-addition and removal of the language folder to index the translated page.
  • All indexable text is already translated in the HTML
  • Translation of metatags with keywords according to the SEO needs of the target language.
  • The capability to add hreflang to pages
  • Leverage keyword indexing through translation of URLs names, and path.
  • Sitemap file of translated URLs to help with the indexing of translated pages. Low translation time, and latency lesser than 500ms per data stream.

Linguify – The SEO Compliant Multilingual Solution

Linguify comes with built-in SEO capabilities that facilitate SEO compliant translations in over 100 Indian and foreign languages. However, the solution does not limit itself to SEO compliant translations. The translation mechanisms enable search engine indexing of the local language pages, and the translation of metatags, URLs, according to the SEO needs of the target language. Linguify is a multilingual solution that ensures that translated pages are search engine friendly targeting the search queries in respective languages.

Ref. No- LSB09201021



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