The new pandemics is one of the several deadly viruses that has affected all parts of the economy and all nations globally.

In this crucial time localization of content acts as a key aspect in dealing with such a global crisis.

A global crisis causes public panic, interruption of the supply chain, corporate crisis many other common issues. Therefore to deal with this kind of situation, brands need to manage and convey a sense of security to their target audience

Though English is the official language of several countries, However, large parts of the world consist of people who prefer local languages for communication besides English. Therefore, a corporate or nation must localize the content to target the audience.

For global as well as SME brands, LinguaSol’s translation solutions help to localize their Apps, Website, Ads, etc. for public awareness to deal with certain epidemics.

Mr. Sunil Kulkarni, Founder, and CEO, FidelTech says, “Crisis, especially a medical one on an international level, can only be dealt with the utmost care when a region’s general public is fully aware and educated about the subject. Be it on the root-cause or the prevention, one can only expect to achieve a desirable impact on public awareness if masses are communicated within the language that they understand. Localization is as compulsory as are the awareness initiatives by the Government, Health Institutions or Businesses.”

He further adds, “For corporates, messaging is extremely important and it could come in different ways from different departments of a corporate.”

Moreover, domains like Logistics, Digital & Tech, Local Businesses/SMEs, E-Commerce, Education, Hospitality, F&B Sector, and many other departments can use Localized content for various purposes.

Reaching out to clients in their regional language at this time of crisis could be a long prone approach.

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