About Deployment

Proof of Concept (POC) Architecture

Internet Secured Independent Server High Volume Config

Hosted Server Sub-domain Redirection

Modes of Deployment:

  1. For Proof of Concept
  2. Simple deployment on the same server where main website is deployed
  3. Independent server deployment with sub-domain based language linking
  4. Independent server deployment with sub-folder based language linking
  5. High Volume high availability Multi-server deployment with load-balancer

Platform options:

  1. Inside Customer’s data centre on Servers (or VM) provisioned by Customer
  2. On AWS, Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure: subscribed by Customer (or LinguaSol can subscribe the required hosting as part of overall engagement)
  3. On any other hosting which support full OS which allow deployment of 3rd party software (Basic or captive web hosting options like GoDaddy Basic hosting, Wix, Weebly, WordPress.org etc are not supported since these platform do not permit deployment of any 3rd party application and hence Linguify cannot be deployed on such platform)

Supported OS:

  1. Linux: all popular flavours (RHEL/CentOS/Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, etc.)
  2. Microsoft Windows Server
  3. Any server OS which supports OpenJDK 1.8

Language Selector Options:

  1. Sub-folder (most popular) e.g. www.abc.com/hi/
  2. Sub-domain e.g. hi.abc.com
  3. Language flag through Cookie or Header parameter (user selected or supplied by main application through language option from user profile)
  4. Language based on user Locale
  5. Language based on region or country (requires 3rd party IP based geo-location service)

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