These days, most of the websites have static, as well as dynamic pages. While the company may not update static pages as frequently, the dynamic ones undergo frequent changes. This is true particularly in the case of eCommerce websites with the presence of multiple languages, and the ones that undergo a plethora of changes on a daily basis, some, perhaps, twice to thrice a day!

However, with so many changes happening throughout the day, some critical, while some trivial, and that too across multiple languages, how does the website ensure that the changes reflect whenever necessary, and wherever relevant? The answer is through change management support.

Holistically, and as the name suggests, change management support helps you manage changes at all times, and throughout the entire website, as and when changes happen to the website.

Nevertheless, a lot of hybrid enterprise websites use CMSs that offer the multilingual feature as a plugin, or as a complementary functionality, with limited capabilities. These plugins somehow help you to translate your websites, but they cannot manage changes. For such advanced capabilities, you need a comprehensive multilingual solution with an efficient change management support system.

So, is there a multilingual solution that offers a useful change management support system as well? Of course, there is. But before we look at the answer, let us see some of the benefits of getting change management support with a multilingual solution.

Benefits of Change Management with Multilingual Solution

A multilingual solution enables you to translate your website into multiple languages. However, a multilingual solution with a change management feature proves even more beneficial. Here are some of the benefits of buying a multilingual solution with an inbuilt change management support mechanism.

Smart Crawlers

An ideal change management system comprises a smart crawler that keeps an automated track of the changes that happen on the website through a content change detection feature. The automatic crawlers crawl the static pages, and assisted text capture for interactive pages, and process to handle the database changes that happen to the website.

Customized Crawling Mechanism

The crawlers operate in a customized way. The system works according to the website structure, security needs, SLA terms, any other requirement that you may specify. So, you can manage the changes as per your needs.

Efficient Format Change Management

The advanced change management feature deals efficiently with format changes when the digital marketing team of the company implements template changes to the website’s look.

Code and Functionality Change Management

Apart from these, the change management system also helps you manage code and functionality change across multiple pages throughout the website.

Prioritizing Frequently Changed Pages

The change management mechanism checks priority pages that change very frequently. So, you can set priorities and deliver impeccable user experience through the quick and efficient execution of changes.

Shorter Time to Execution of Changes

The support system helps carry out quick changes to avoid bleed-through. It does so without hampering the routine operations of the website, and without affecting the user experience during the process.

LinguaSol’s Linguify – The Multilingual Solution with the Best Change Management Support

Linguify is a modern-day, technology-based enterprise website translation product with a wide range of features and functionalities. One of them is change management support.

Linguify’s change management mechanism comprises of unique crawlers that crawl static and interactive pages, automatically detect changes, execute them across the relevant sections of the website. The system executes changes in a very short duration and does so in a secure manner.

Linguify is one of the most trusted and unique solutions in the translation business. It constitutes the preferred translation solution of many multinational companies, national and international banks, IT companies, oil companies, government organizations, etc. It continues to help them go multilingual and manage changes efficiently to keep the website updated at all times.

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