They say figures speak for themselves. Of course, they do, and they speak a lot. But, as a matter of fact, they may not be speaking everything. Ever-increasing figures may assure you of your product sales, but may not truly indicate whether your product has connected with your targeted audience. Monopoly would bring sales, and business owners too would enjoy it to some extent. However, only until someone else comes up with a similar, but a more relevantly localized and customized product. What next? As a result, figures start dropping, thereby bringing up the fact that your product sold only on account of your monopoly, and not because the targeted audience liked it! Had that been the case, your product could have easily countered the newly induced competition and emerged successful. So, if that isn’t happening, and the situation is turning out to be alarming, these are signs your product need a localization solution. Let us read through this blog to comprehend these signs in a better manner.

Here are some signs that indicate the need to localize your product

Dropping Sales in the Targeted Market

Comparing market-specific sales would make it quite evident that your product, which is otherwise performing well in the native market, isn’t really catching up with the targeted audience in another one. That’s because your product isn’t really localized, and people aren’t relating or feeling the need to buy it for any reason. Here, you would be required to call up your market experts and understand the shortcomings in order to fully or partially revamp the strategy, along with making product changes aligned with the local sensitivities, and appropriateness.

Higher Bounce Back Rates

This is applicable in the case of website owners. A website that works well in English speaking markets is less likely to work equally well in non-English markets unless it localized to suit the local needs, local culture, and the local language. A poorly, incompletely or an insensibly localized website either appears funny or annoying for the users as they don’t really feel like staying on the website, owing to inappropriate translations and other aspects that local users typically look for. So, users would hopefully hit your website and return with empty hands. Hence, as the decision maker, you may be required to get into the nitty-gritties of it to understand things from the micro perspective, and accordingly, design a macro strategy to yield better and expected results.

Higher Re-Development Costs

This holds true in the case of software. You first develop the software without paying heed to the need for localizing it and then repent your ignorance. This doesn’t work, and it would cost you both, time as well as money, let alone the software’s dropping performance in the intended market or amongst the targeted users. So why not have a clear, progressive and a well-defined strategy right from the beginning? While you spend several thousand to millions of dollars on writing an application, why not allocate some funds for its adaptation to the local markets! Developing software and then simultaneously localizing it would help you save time, money, and the efforts required to reinvent the wheel.

Rave Reviews in Local Language

We live in an age wherein users take each other’s recommendations, suggestions, and opinions about products very seriously. And, the more interesting (and in a way challenging) part is that everything remains transparent and visible to everyone! So, someone writing a rave review of your product in some part of the world can influence the buying preferences and habits of someone sitting in exactly the other part of the globe! Despite an impeccable service and escalating track records elsewhere, the lack of localization makes it difficult to penetrate the targeted market, and somehow, even if it does, it would fail to live up to the consumer’s expectations, thus compelling him to write a rave review about the product.

So, don’t wait until it becomes absolutely impossible to keep your head above the water. Business is about comprehending indications and taking the necessary steps! Write into LinguaSol at [email protected] to seek additional information on its comprehensive localization services.

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