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1. What Infrastructure is required for Linguify?

Basic deployment of Linguify can start on One Core 2 GB Server instance.


2. What are deployment options?

Linguify has been deployed on AWS, GCP, Microsoft Azure, Dedicated Server and some local hosting providers, and hence you can choose the infrastructure provider as per your norm.
Depending upon your loads (user load and Indexing Bot load), more CPUs and RAM is required.


3. Our website has about 500 static pages, 20 interactive pages. User traffic is about 5000 page requests per day and no specific bot indexing. What type of server will we require?

You can start with basic configuration of One Core 2 GB Server instance. In case your page requests are bunched (i.e. most requests are concentrated in few peak hours) and your website gets undated frequently (and hence you frequently trigger indexing requests), you are better off provisioning 2 Core 4 GB Server.


4. Does deployment for multiple languages require multiple servers?

No, the configuration and number of servers depend on the traffic. If your traffic is moderate, multiple languages can be deployed on single server, though more RAM (8GB or 16GB) may be required if the translation repository is large. In case of very high traffic volumes, dedicated servers can be assigned for each language as per the load of specific languages (e.g. Hindi traffic is always going to be higher as compared to other Indian languages).
You can start with smaller configuration and scale it up if the traffic become high.


5. What is strategy for scalability and fail-over?

Linguify can be easily configured to work with load balancers and auto-scale server. Linguify itself uses on-line health check service to automatically detect any malfunctioning of Linguify components and restart the services. Combination of load-balancer with health-check ensures almost 100% up-time.


6. Is Linguify compatible with CDN page caching?

Yes, the CDNs store even the translated pages, and hence requests for translated pages are handled at CDN layer itself.


7. What if the definition of low, moderate or high traffic?

Though there are no strict rules, the general guidelines are as follows:

  1. Traffic below 10,000 page requests per day is low  basic server is adequate
  2. Traffic upto about 50,000 requests per day is moderate  2 Core 4GB
  3. Above 50,000 requests per day can be considered as high  Start with 4 Core 8GB and increase to 8 Core 16 GB server (or more servers) depending upon loads


8. What is a typical responsibilities division during implementation?

Most of the heavy lifting is handled by LinguaSol team. Your team needs to just carry out the following:

  1. Identify & finalize the scope (LinguaSol team help you in sizing)
  2. In case of interactive pages or post-login pages: provide test login and navigation details, provide user level access to the LinguaSol team along with test data
  3. Provide data (in case of eCommerce or similar data driven applications), error messages and alert strings
  4. Provide high level translation guidelines e.g. use of translation or transliteration for key terminologies, brand names and product names
  5. Provide test server and provision the production server
  6. Add Language selector and configure language redirector


9. What is typical timeframe of implementation?

From the word “Go”, you can go live in 4-8 weeks depending upon size of website / web application, number of language and configuration/customization.


10. Is there any risk of disruption of the main website / web application during the implementation or after deployment?

No, since Linguify is completely external to the main website / web application, implementation of Linguify has absolutely no impact on the main website. Linguify eliminates need for any code or database change in the main website / web application, hence there is zero possibility of any adverse effect of Linguify on the main website.
Even after deployment, all the requests for original language directly go to the main website / web application, and hence have no relation with Linguify deployment. Only the requests for translated pages go to Linguify, and hence worst case scenario is temporary (small duration) disruption of delivery of translated pages.
In fact one of the great feature of Linguify is zero-disruption implementation and deployment of translation capability.


11. How are Patches and Updates handled? What is the frequency?

LinguaSol team prepares the patches and updates, and tests these by first deploying on test server (against the live main website / web application). After successful test period, these are handed over to your IT team for deployment on production server. Patches are released in response to any deficiency in translation. Translation Repository patch is routine since this contains incremental translations for newly added contents. Patches may also contain configuration change – this happens only when the new types of pages are added or major change is made to structure of existing pages. These patches are released typically as per SLA for translation updates, or as and when urgent translation updates are required.
Patching is rarely required for Linguify Run-time software since it is already a mature product, and is released only after rigorous testing. Such patches are released only when there some major functionality improvement – prepared either due to your own requirement or part of generic improvement. In recent time, such release periodicity is about once a quarter to six months.


12. What is the upgrade policy and periodicity?

All upgrades are free as long as you are under active subscription or maintenance contract. Version upgrades are released in about 8-12 months.

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