Localization of Project Management Application

Customer: A Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. A leading provider of IT products and services for the global marketplace. The customer’s offerings include hardware, software, networking, business solutions, and more.

Problem: The customer’s Project Management application was originally being used in Japanese. This application needed to be translated into English.

Solution: Linguify Server solution

Result: Language localized Project Management application in English

  • Localization of UI in English. UI contained close 70% dynamic contents coming from InnerScript, XHR/JSON etc.
  • Some of the dynamic contents were in a non-standard format E.g. InnerScript containing non-standard JSON
  • In some cases, resizing of controls was required
  • Reverse translation was required in some places to avoid validation failures
  • Implementation and delivery of solution within a time frame of 4 weeks

LinguaSol suggested the Linguify Server solution as the application was web based. To start with, the LinguaSol resources navigated the application to capture web data. The customer provided the navigational guidelines. Then, LinguaSol team in Pune performed the solution configuration activity. Solution was configured to translate dynamic contents embedded in page elements. After this, LinguaSol released the packaged solution. The LinguaSol team then deployed the package on customer’s server remotely. The team managed the delivery of the solution end-to-end. This included capturing screens, solution configuration, translation and deployment. Customer went live with the translated application in as less as 4 weeks

Localization of Internet Banking Application

Customer: The customer is one of the largest government-owned public sector bank in India. It has assets of USD 13.45 billion. It has over 4500 branches across the country.

Problem: Need to offer language localized Internet Banking portal in Hindi (Indian) language. The need to have an option to scale to additional Indian languages.

Solution: Linguify Server solution

Result: Internet banking portal in Hindi.

  • Making the portal available in a timeframe of eight weeks
  • Providing a scalable solution that can quickly accommodate additional Indian languages
  • Highly secured portal, dealing with sensitive customer information
  • Multiple reports that are user generated with dynamic data
  • Huge amount of customer information like names, addresses
  • Strict access constraints due to the nature of the portals

LinguaSol recommended their Server solution considering the requirements of the customer. The servers were not internet facing and resided in the banks infrastructure (behind firewalls). The solution also required zero code changes in the banks internet banking application. It did not impact the availability of the banking application. The solution was configured to handle dynamic data (part of reports like account statement). LinguaSol deputed resources at the banks data center to implement the solution. The team followed all the customers’ processes and protocols. The solution was delivered and implemented within the given timeframe of 8 weeks. A complete UAT cycle was completed for both the DC & DR sites. LinguaSol continues to maintain and support of the solution.

Localization of Leading Enterprise Software

Customer: A leading bank in Vietnam that provides various personal and corporate banking services. The bank has around 83 branches and 169 transaction offices. The bank decided to implement one of the leading ERP.

Problem: Need to offer the ERP system UI and Reports (for both their desktop and browser based clients) in Vietnamese

Solution: Linguify Server solution and Linguify Desktop solution

Result: Language localized ERP system and reports in Vietnamese

  • Localization of UI for both web & thick client
  • Involvement of multiple parties with different priorities
  • Implementation of both desktop & cloud products
  • Changing requirements due to ongoing ERP implementation
  • Availability & access issues to the ERP system and transaction execution for content capture
  • Distributed teams

LinguaSol recommended their Server solution and Desktop solution. LinguaSol’s solutions are already certified by the leading Enterprise Software entity. The solution has a proven implemented customer base. The ERP implementation was ongoing at the customer’s end. LinguaSol worked with the ERP team to get access to the required system. To address changing requirements, the team made a first pass content capture based on the high level scope. These were then sent to the customer for sign off. Customer then made a choice of the inclusions and exclusions. The customer worked with LinguaSol and the ERP team to finalize the scope. Using LinguaSol crawlers and capture tools, the team quickly captured the required contents. The team got them ready for translation. The implementation was carried out in phases. LinguaSol’s solutions were a perfect fit. There was no code change and impact on the base ERP system. The complete process could be carried out externally. LinguaSol could provide the flexibility to absorb and turnaround changes in a very short time.

Localization of Device Management Software

Customer: A German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations. The Device Management software is on-premise and helps organizations in managing and securing their devices at the operating system level. The software has close to 500 web pages/screens and data for each tenant/administrator such as policies, devices, groups and server configuration.

Problem: Need to offer Device Management software screens in Japanese & Chinese

Solution: Linguify Plugin solution

Result: Language localized Device Management software

  • Localization of UI
  • Delivery of LinguaSol solution (with customized web data translation)
  • Delivery of translated User Manuals exceeding 1000+ pages
  • Quarterly patch upgrades (additional web pages) added
  • Distributed end customer teams involved in delivery signoff

The customer’s product team in North America expressed their interest in getting the Device Management software localized for their end customers in Japan. LinguaSol suggested the Linguify Plugin solution as the application was internal facing and the number of users of the application were limited, mostly administrators. The Administrators were IT savvy but lacked English language skills. With the Linguify Plugin solution, they could view the Japanese/Chinese web pages and use the Device Management software in their organizations. At the same time, another challenge was that the Administrators did not wish all data to be translated. Web data like software names, product keys and email addresses were supposed to be left as is in English. To meet this demand, a scoping exercise with clear identification of text/areas that need to be translated was carried out. After this, Linguify Plugin solution was configured and implemented such that it did not translate specific texts on the screen and translated the rest. Along with the solution, LinguaSol team also delivered the manuals in Chinese and Japanese exceeding 1000+ pages thoroughly checked and validated by the product owners in the limited time frame given by the customer for go live. As new screens were added quarterly, the Linguify Plugin solution fitted the bill perfectly. With Linguify Plugin solution, maintenance is easy. The screens can be captured and translation memory structures created whenever new screens are added.

Localization of OMC Portals

Customer: The three OMCs (oil manufacturing companies) are LPG suppliers to consumers and business. The customer base for these clients is huge.

Problem: Need to offer language localized portal in 12 Indian languages

Solution: Linguify Server solution

Result: Language localized portal in multiple Indian languages.

  • Making the portal available in multiple Indian languages (12 No.) in a very short time of six weeks
  • Making the portal available in 4 languages available in less than three days
  • Both secured and normal HTTP pages
  • Multiple PDF files per portal
  • Huge amount of customer information
  • Constraints on the availability and accessibility for testing

LinguaSol recommended their Linguify Server solution considering the requirements of the customer. Customer request was to schedule the go-live in 3 days for the first language. This was to be followed by similar milestones for other languages. LinguaSol product team worked along with the delivery & QA teams. The first implementation was done for the initial four languages in three days. The Linguify Server solution required zero code changes in the customer’s application. It could be implemented without any impact on the base portal. Since the implementation of the solution was external, the implementation was very swift. Because it was server deployment, everything could be worked on and managed remotely. Apart from the number of pages and PDF files, there was huge amount of customer data like customer names/addresses which required to be converted to the desired language. To address this, the phonetic engine which is a part of the Server solution was used. The solution got implemented in a very aggressive timeframe. LinguaSol continues to maintain and support of the solution.